Biden and Trump debate…body language expert: Trump deliberately provoked and ignored Biden

Follow the world closely US President Joe Biden debate With former President Donald Trump, which is considered the first presidential debate in the 2024 US elections, and the debate that was held today, Friday, was characterized by quarrels, exchanging insults and throwing accusations, but what did their body language hide? This is what we will learn about in the report.

Body Language Expert: Trump Deliberately Ignored Biden, and the Later Was ‘Stiff’

Mohamed Abu Hashem, a body language expert, analyzed the Trump-Biden debate, telling Youm7: “When Biden entered, he was smiling as he headed to the debate, but his smile disappeared when he went up on stage. His body was somewhat “stiff” as he headed to the debate, and he did not show any signs of what he was saying, unlike Trump, who was frowning and deliberately did not look at Biden to show him that he was not interested in him and to provoke him. He also confirmed with his body language that he was only focused on himself and was keen to convey his point of view to the citizens.”

Body Language Expert: Trump Shows Himself as an Outgoing, Strong Personality

The body language expert continued the analysis, saying: “Send Trump Through his body language, confirmation signals of his speech, which indicates his self-confidence, and he was careful not to issue any negative signals so as not to criticize him, or express his lie, such as deliberately opening his hands in order to show the citizens that he is an open person and not afraid. He also used a strong tone of voice to express It expresses his strength and the strength of his personality, unlike Biden, whose tone of voice was weak and affected by age, and no signs of the frequent Botox operations appeared on his face, but what appeared on his face were signs of wrinkles on his forehead.

Body language expert: Trump tried to provoke and mock Biden

In his analysis of the debate, the body language expert indicated that Trump tried to provoke Biden But he could not, but when Trump spoke about the economic aspect, he made a mistake in his body language, as when the broadcasters went to talk to Biden, Trump sighed, which showed that he was stressed while talking about the economic aspect.

He continued: “Trump was defending himself well and did not show any defensive signs in order to remain in the appearance of strength and he responded well to the questions and when he attacked Biden and talked about US withdrawal from Afghanistan Issued by Biden mockery And one of his cheeks rose quickly as if he was mocking him because he was attacking him for a trivial reason.

Trump and Biden
Trump and Biden

Joe Trump Debate
Joe and Trump debate

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