Biden is competing for the Democratic Party nomination.. Who is Dean Phillips?

US President Joe Biden is the actual nominee of the Democratic Party in the upcoming presidential elections in November, but he is nonetheless competing with a number of candidates aspiring to run in the race.

Biden won an easy victory in the Democratic Party presidential primaries in the state of Michigan on Tuesday. Although Phillips received only 2.7 percent of the votes, he refuses to suspend his campaign, according to a report published by the newspaper “Atlantic“.

“If you’re upset with me for daring to challenge Joe Biden, at least you’ll appreciate the relative ability I make him look like among primary voters,” Phillips joked after the results came in.

He continued on Published Another via the XN platform: Primary voters in the Democratic Party “don’t want to think about alternatives to Biden, and I respect that, but that doesn’t change the fact that Donald Trump is going straight back to the presidency while we sleep.”

Phillips added that he “devoted 8 years of his life to resisting this dangerous man, and his only mission remains to ensure his defeat at the ballot box in November.”

He said he would not suspend his mission and “will continue to evaluate the most efficient approach to protecting America, Americans, and our almighty democracy.”

An Agence France-Presse report ruled out that Phillips’ candidacy would prevent Biden from obtaining the Democratic Party nomination, as his results are low in opinion polls.

The US presidential elections scheduled for November are considered a major contest, as recent polls show Biden tied or trailing by a slight margin with his Republican rival, Donald Trump, although support for the Democratic president is at the lowest level for any US president in decades, according to the agency.

Who is Dean Phillips?

Dean Phillips

Phillips, a member of the US Congress from the state of Minnesota, is not widely known, but he announced last October that he would run in the difficult race against Biden because he believes that the president is unable to win another term, according to Reuters.

The 55-year-old millionaire businessman and co-founder of an ice cream company announced his endeavor in a one-minute video clip that he posted online, saying, “We have some challenges ahead of us… We will fix this economy, and we will fix America.”

Phillips failed to win any delegates in South Carolina and finished second in New Hampshire. He did not appear on the ballot in Nevada.

Phillips is a member of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, and an ally of Nancy Jackson, a former Democratic Party fundraiser and head of the No Labels political movement whose mission is to support partisan centrism.

Phelps is building his election campaign in hopes of representing the “No Labels” movement, as he is exploring other ways to try to obtain the position of vice president with this policy, according to the newspaper.

Writer Mark Leibowitz told the newspaper that he believes “Phillips is completely justified in running in the first place,” criticizing what he called “the arrogance of Democratic leaders” who ask Phillips, “How is he doing?” To compete with Biden.

He added that Phillips has “an important argument to make before the vote, which is that voters deserve to choose, especially in light of the unpopularity and doubts surrounding President Biden. He proved that he was not prepared for the prime time, but he ran a noble enough race.”

Phillips grew up in the city of Edina, Minnesota, studied at Brown and Minnesota Universities in business administration, worked with a group of startup companies, and returned to work in the family company that manufactures “ice cream,” according to His page On the US Congress website.

In his work in Congress, Phillips focuses on restoring Americans’ confidence in the government, as he seeks to find common ground for the public good and end “the corrupting influence of private money in politics.”

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