Biden’s alternative.. How is Trump’s campaign preparing to pounce on the “representative”?

A Trump-affiliated political action committee has launched its first attack on Harris, criticizing her oversight of Biden’s border control policies, CNN reported.

Republicans are now planning how to “hit” Harris“, with early discussions focusing on her previous statements defending the fitness of Biden Health to perform the position of President.

“President Trump will defeat any Democrat on November 5 because he has a proven track record and an agenda to make America great again,” Trump campaign co-managers Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles said in a statement.

One Republican pollster said Trump “would rather go with the devil he knows (referring to Biden) than the devil he doesn’t know.”

“The strategy or plans will not change until the Biden issue is over,” a senior Trump adviser told CNN. “We don’t know what that ultimately looks like, we’re not going to change anything until we know.”

In the wake of last week’s debate, the Trump team did not anticipate such permanent Democratic panic surrounding the possibility of Biden continuing as the party’s presidential nominee, after his performance was described as disastrous.

One of Trump’s advisers told CNN that the Democratic tension was expected to subside within a week.

Now, Trump’s team is scrambling to prepare for any outcome, including whether he might need to launch a new campaign focused on a different opponent, a reference to Harris.

CNN quoted a source close to Trump as saying: “The vice president will constantly have to answer a very simple question: Why were you hiding Biden’s lack of mental acuity from the American people?”

While searching Republicans The issue of finding an alternative to Biden and developing another plan of action, the Democrats are suffering from a similar crisis in light of designing their propaganda campaign to suit Biden’s defeat, without having alternative plans.

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