Blinken sends a message to the Houthis regarding the sinking of the ship “Robimar”

(CNN)– US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called on the Houthis in Yemen to stop their attacks on ships in the Red Sea on Tuesday The ship “Robimar”, which was attacked by the group, sank last weekend.

Blinken said, in statements at the headquarters of the US State Department, that “there are daily attacks by the Houthis on ships in the Red Sea, and the ship they attacked has now sunk to the bottom,” and he added: “The result is that there is a large leak of fuel from that ship, and this creates a disaster.” potential environmental.

He continued: At the same time, we saw the Houthis attacking ships transporting food and grains to the Yemeni people, the same people that the Houthis claim to represent in some way, and of course, it had a huge impact on shipping around the world, and that would have an impact on a lot of people in rising food prices. and energy prices.

He stated: “But in Yemen itself, and in the same region, there is an environmental disaster and a major impact on the ability to deliver food to the people who need it most in Yemen.”.

“So, if the Houthis care about their standing, their reputation, and the way the world views them, they will stop these attacks and stop the terrible harm they are doing to people in the region, in Yemen and around the world,” he said.

It is noteworthy that the ship Rubymar, which was hit by a ballistic missile fired by the Houthis, sank on Saturday.

The Belize-flagged, UK-registered, Lebanese-owned ship was carrying 41,000 tons of fertilizer when it was hit by one of two ballistic missiles launched from Houthi-controlled territory nearly two weeks ago.

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