Bolivian government: 17 more people arrested in connection with failed coup attempt

The Bolivia government announced the arrest of 17 other people on suspicion of involvement in the “failed coup” attempt.

Cabinet member Eduardo del Castillo did not provide details about the seventeen detainees, other than to say that “one of them is a civilian named Anibal Aguiar Gomez,” whom he described as “the mastermind of the failed coup led by the country’s army commander, General Juan Jose Zuniga.”

Bolivian soldiers withdrew from in front of the presidential palace in La Paz after they tried using armored vehicles to storm the headquarters of President Luis Arce, who accused the army commander, General Juan Jose Zuniga, of carrying out a “coup attempt.”

Bolivian police arrested Army Commander General Juan Jose Zuniga after President Luis Arce dismissed him and accused him of carrying out a “failed coup attempt,” according to scenes broadcast on state television.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in a phone call with his Bolivian counterpart Celinda Sosa Londa, confirmed Moscow’s steadfast support for the government of President Luis Arce in the wake of the attempted military coup.

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