Celine Dion experienced an attack of the rigid person syndrome in front of the cameras • Heartbreaking documentation

The documentary film “I: Celine Dion”, which closely followed the singer’s struggle with the syndrome from which she suffers, was released – and a section of it is particularly chilling: Dion, at the height of an attack, lies on the bed as she struggles to move, screams in pain and bursts into tears

Celine Dion

Celine Dion experienced a severe attack Photo: “Me: Celine Dion”, Amazon Prime

The documentary film “I: Celine Dion”, which documented the beloved singer’s struggle with Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS), went up for viewing on Amazon Prime yesterday (Tuesday) – and one of the segments from it, in which Dion is seen in a severe attack of the syndrome, is simply heartbreaking.

The scene begins with the 56-year-old Grammy-winning singer undergoing a medical examination while experiencing convulsions, which are part of the syndrome characterized by muscle stiffness. Suddenly during the examination, Dion goes into a full seizure, lies down on the bed, screams in pain and bursts into tears. At a certain moment, she even looks wide-eyed and has trouble moving on her own.

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The doctors around her rush to bring Valium spray to the discussion to treat the nervous system, and spray it through the nose. The singer, who wanted to show that she is still able to move a little, signals to the doctor and lightly shakes his hand. Slowly the spray begins to take effect and she regained consciousness.

Still huddled, tears fall from Dion’s eyes. When those present try to calm her down, she starts crying and sobbing, and tells those around her that such cases make her feel embarrassed. “I don’t know how to express it. It’s just… you know, not controlling yourself,” she says.

Stiff person syndrome is a rare and incurable disorder that occurs in one in a million people, which can cause disability and disability and is characterized by muscle stiffness. Dion, as I recall, revealed her illness in a video she published in 2022, and announced that she was postponing all the performances planned for her at that time. However, her medical condition did not allow her to return to the stage – and in the end she canceled the entire tour. Dion has stayed away from the public eye, and was seen for the first time just a few months ago at the Grammy Awards.

In an interview with the NBC morning show, which she held a few weeks ago in honor of promoting the film, she talked about her complex situation: “It started here,” she said, pointing to her throat. “Okay, I’ll be fine, and then it’s hard for you to walk, and then you’re blind for two hours, thinking, ‘What happened? Am I missing something? Did I have a drop in sugar?’ You think about the simple things, you don’t think you’re going to die… it looks like seizures.”

Dion described that sometimes she feels “as if someone is choking you, as if someone is pushing your throat… The contractions can be in the stomach, the spine, and even in the ribs. If I try to straighten my feet – they are able to stay that way. If I cook, I love To cook, my fingers will get stuck. I’m not able to release them… At one point I broke my ribs, sometimes it can be very serious.”

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