Chambers of Commerce: The decision to close shops at 10 pm will not affect sales.. Video

Special coverage conducted Youm7 TV Regarding the new dates for closing stores, Matta Bishai, Chairman of the Internal Trade Committee of the Importers Division of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, said that the decision to amend Store closing times It was very late in its implementation, explaining that this decision is systematic and will lead to organizing the buying and selling movement without affecting the buying and selling process, but rather will bring about a change in the behavior of citizens.

Bishai explained to Youm 7 TV: “No one will go out and buy a refrigerator at 12 or clothes at 1.”

He pointed out that the decision satisfies everyone and will lead to… Reducing traffic density On the streets, he will also schedule purchases, adding to a more organized life.

He explained that, The decision will save electricity For factories, stores and malls.

In a related context, he said that the streets were full of lights until 12 am, and that New appointments It will help everyone, citizens and shop owners Save electricity To purchase products and raw materials.

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