Community and remembrance at Norwood’s 4th of July parade

NORWOOD, New York (WWNY) – “It’s the fourth of July!”

Finding firsts in the 4th of July at the Norwood parade. For Catherine Ainscough, it’s her first time celebrating, flying 3,000 miles to be here.

“It’s the first one I’ve been over in America for, visiting family and it’s just been amazing,” said Ainscough.

Ainscough is from England, eager to watch the floats, listen to sirens, and music. She saw 70 different organizations from around the North Country march through Park Street. Organizers say it’s one of their biggest to date.

A long parade line brings first-time marchers to Norwood, like Downbeat Percussion, the drumline of the Buffalo Bills.

“We hear the people here are very excited to see us, so that just motivates us even more,” said David Pugh of Downbeat Percussion.

Martha Shaver normally sees the 4th of July as a day of celebration; after all, it is her birthday, too. This year, it’s her first time seeing it as a day of remembrance.

“It’s very hard for me today because this is my first birthday without her,” said Shaver.

She’s talking about her daughter, Melissa, who passed away late last year. They were very close, even going to college together, and they spent every birthday together.

“She was a beautiful, sincere, intelligent, special person, and I miss her so much,” said Shaver.

However you celebrate the 4th of July, the North Country finds firsts in a 248-year-old celebration.

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