Continuous communications in France.. What are the outcomes of forming a government after the elections?

France is witnessing, today, Wednesday, intensive efforts by the leaders of the left-wing bloc that won the French legislative elections, along with the centrist alliance, which came in second place, in an attempt to put forward visions for forming a government that can continue to rule the country.

France has been plunged into political uncertainty after an unexpected result in Sunday’s early legislative elections, in which Elissa won.R suddenly, But without any alliance having an absolute majority that would allow it to form the government alone, which does not provide a clear path to forming a stable government.

A day of communication

The alliance is trying to New Popular Frontmade up of parties including the far-left France Insoumise, the Communists, the Socialists, the Greens, and the centrist parties led by President Emmanuel Macron, is trying to win over deputies from every camp, and also beyond the two blocs.

“I think there is an alternative to the New Popular Front,” Aurore Berge, a senior lawmaker from Macron’s Ennahda party, told France 2 television. “I think the French don’t want to implement the New Popular Front programme and I think they don’t want tax increases.”

Political sources told Reuters that the phones are ringing non-stop, and that some of the calls are being made by centrists to attract enough left-wing MPs to provide the basis for forming a government.

At the same time, leaders and chiefs from the left appeared in the media to confirm that their winning the elections meant that they would run the government with a prime minister and a cabinet of ministers from the various parties of the new Popular Front, which had not yet agreed specifically on them.

Mélenchon’s speech

The president is normally asked by the largest bloc in parliament to form a government, but the constitution does not require him to do so. Options for this situation include forming a broad governing coalition, or having a minority government that passes legislation and laws in parliament on a case-by-case basis with timely agreements.

He was the leader of France Insoumise and the leader of the leftist coalition. Jean-Luc Mélenchon“France will have a prime minister from the new Popular Front, and we will be able to make decisions on many issues at many levels,” he said after winning the election on Sunday.

The last elections recorded a major setback. For the far rightwho was expected to win comfortably in pre-election polls, before the left and center-left alliances joined forces by withdrawing dozens of candidates from the electoral race to join forces against the National Rally.

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