Cycling President: We decided to participate in Shahd Saeed in the Olympics

Wagih Azzam, head of the Egyptian Cycling Federation, revealed the position of Shahd Saeed, a player on the Egyptian cycling team, regarding participating in the upcoming Paris Olympics.

In exclusive statements to Yalla Koura, Gea Azzam said: “We agreed with the Olympic Committee on Shahd Saeed’s participation with the Egyptian cycling mission in the upcoming Paris Olympics.”

He added: “We saw that the public interest requires the participation of Shahd Saeed, and we certainly reject any improper behavior, and we warn her against any mistakes in the future.”

The head of the Egyptian Cycling Federation added: “In the end, we are applying the regulations of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and we are following them.”

Crisis details

This crisis began when Shahd Saeed caused player Jana Aliwa to suffer a suspected concussion and rib fractures after colliding with national team player Shahd Saeed in the final meters of the Republic Championship race, which was held last April.

But the collision between the two players was intentional by Shahd Saeed to prevent her from obtaining third place and winning the bronze medal, so Shahd won the medal in the end.

Following this incident, former national cycling team player Habiba Aliwa, the older sister of Janah, announced that she had filed a complaint with the Attorney General and the Ministry of Youth and Sports accusing Shahd Saeed of attempted premeditated murder, which led to her detention and referral to the Public Prosecution, which in turn later released her.

At that time, the Egyptian Cycling Federation announced the suspension of player Shahd Saeed for one year after she caused an injury to her colleague during a cycling race in Suez Governorate.

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