Dancing with the Stars star reveals for the first time: “Paralyzed from the neck down”

Daniel Gal (photo from Keshet 12)

Danielle Gal made history last night (Saturday) in this season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, when she went on stage and swept the judges away with an extraordinary dance in a modern style that brought a perfect score of 40, but even before that the beloved actress had the right to tell her tragic confession.

She reveals that when she was 12 years old, she suffered from Guillain-Barré syndrome, paralysis from the neck down: “In seventh grade I got the flu, and I saw that after it passed I had no strength to stand up. I found myself out of control, and very quickly we arrived at the hospital, paralyzed from the neck down.” .

She continued and said: “It’s so delicate to lose communication with the body. It’s a level of fragility and existence that I’m not sure can be explained. I came to show the gap between the lack of control in the past and the awareness of the movement of the body that I need today. I hope that on stage I’ll be able to not try To want, but to come and say look, and be okay with it.”

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David Dvir also revealed following Gal’s confession: “There is no doubt that modern dance is your home, and even though you haven’t danced for a long time, something deep remains. It reminds me of something forgotten from childhood, I was also paralyzed when I had polio at the age of one and a half. My sister and I got sick, and I was Paralyzed on each left side of my body, I still have problems with that side. Just like you, I won and danced, it’s fun to see you.”

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    First time for whom? This has been known for a long time. (L.T.)





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