Despite the absence of Arabic broadcasting, a commentator on the “Copa America” ​​sparks the anger of Argentine fans!

No Arab network has announced broadcasting the continental championship matches.

The failure to broadcast the “Copa America 2024” tournament on Arab channels did not prevent Arab fans from following the tournament in their own way.

No Arab network has obtained the rights to broadcast the 2024 Copa America, despite the fact that beIN Sports has been accustomed to obtaining the rights to the competition in recent years.

Although SSC owns the rights to the South American qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup, it does not broadcast the continental tournament either.

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A number of Arab fans resorted to following the matches illegally on accounts that broadcast the matches from foreign channels, linking them to commentary in Arabic from some social media users.

Argentine fans circulated a video clip from a live broadcast of the Tango Dancers’ last match against Ecuador, while a person who was provoked by one of Enzo Fernandez’s missed opportunities commented on it and decided to attack him with obscene words.

This way of commenting provoked the fans following the tournament, as it sparked widespread controversy and the clip spread widely, especially among the fans of the Argentine national team in the Arab world. The matter does not stop at the mentioned match, but this commentator has been skilled at provoking the fans since the beginning of the tournament.

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