Donald Trump defeated Joe Biden, but one word upset a lot of Americans

Apparently no one has any doubts about the identity of the winner of the US presidential debate that took place on the night between Thursday and Friday. Still, not everything went smoothly for the former president. While the defeat he inflicted Donald Trump ToJoe Bidenhe used the word “Palestinian” as an insult to the current president, which upset the Arabs of the United States and the Muslims within it, the “New York Times” reports today (Saturday).

Is this the same man from the confrontation? America is shocked by Biden’s speech after the strike watch

While Trump accused Biden of not wanting Israel to “finish the job,” he said the incumbent president had “turned Palestinian.” The next day, at a rally held in Virginia, the former president again used the word “Palestinian” in an attempt to disparage a Democratic opponent, this time addressing Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

“Look at a guy like Senator Shumer, he became a Palestinian. He is a Palestinian. Congratulations. He was very loyal to Israel and the Jewish people. He is Jewish, but he became a Palestinian because they have a few more votes. No one really understood that,” so said the former president. Trump’s use of the word “Palestinian” as an insult raised quite a few eyebrows among Arab-Americans and opponents of Israel’s war in Gaza in general.

The confrontation between Joe Biden and Donald Trump (Photo: REUTERS/Brian Snyder)
The confrontation between Joe Biden and Donald Trump (Photo: REUTERS/Brian Snyder)

“The fact that he called President Biden a Palestinian, a bad Palestinian, was an insult to me,” wrote the poet Musab Abu Toha, whose works appeared in the American “New Yorker” magazine. “I woke up today and I still feel the insult from yesterday’s ‘discussion’. Racism and war shock me.”

Lorraine Ali, news and culture critic for the Los Angeles Times, said last night that “Biden’s ineffective or completely absent responses also allowed his opponent’s racist statements to go unchallenged. The racism against Arabs, and more specifically the Palestinians, was one of many moments that were not Unsettled by a bad confrontation, which allowed deception to stand as truth.”

Ali compared the exchange to the high-profile incident during the 2008 presidential campaign, when Senator John McCain rebuffed a Republican supporter who said she did not trust Barack Obama because he was “Arab”. In response, McCain said: “No, ma’am. He’s a decent family man.” The journalist wrote about it: “Not a great answer, but an enlightened one compared to today’s Republican Party.”

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