Dr. Ayman Al-Shahabi, Governor of Damietta.. Learn about his biography

Dr. Ayman Mohamed Rashad Al-Shahabi performs New Governor of Damietta The constitutional oath, today, Wednesday, after assuming the position of Governor of Damietta, succeeding Dr. Manal Awad Who took over the Ministry of Local Development portfolio.

It is worth noting that Dr. Ayman Al-Shahabi is the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Benha University, Head of the Surveying Engineering Department, and a member of the Ministerial Committee for Reviewing and Updating the Specifications of Surveying Works and Maps.

Al-Shahabi assumed the position of Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Benha University on September 29, 2020. Dr. Ayman Al-Shahabi obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering in Shubra, Benha University, and continued his studies to obtain a Master’s degree and then a PhD in Civil Engineering.

He worked as a professor in the Civil Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering in Shubra, where he contributed to teaching and training generations of engineers. He has many scientific research papers published in prestigious international and local journals. His research interests focus on the design of concrete structures and management of engineering projects.

lead to The new government The new conservatives are sworn in before President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi President of the Republic this Wednesday morning

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