Edelstein on the conscription law: “The law will pass with broad agreement – or it will not pass at all”

The Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee met today (Tuesday) to discuss the conscription law, this after the High Court’s ruling that yeshivas must be conscripted. During the discussion, the chairman of the committee, MK Yuli Edelstein, referred to the conscription law, which continues to be promoted in the government, and said “Because I know that the ruling The High Court will not bring even one recruit – I will continue the committee’s deliberations on the way to a correct, agreed upon and historical law.”

Referring to the decision to raise the exemption age, he said: “Even if we recruit ten thousand ultra-Orthodox tomorrow, they will not be a replacement for those people targeted by the law of raising the exemption age. This is the picture presented by the IDF.”

Edelstein in the Law and Security Committee, Photo: Oren Ben Hakon

“Everyone wants to promote the law quickly and I am at the forefront of them. They drive me crazy to bring it up quickly and finish it by the end of the session,” said Edelstein and emphasized: “I do not represent the IDF. The age of exemption will either be passed by broad agreement in this committee or it will not be passed. I’m not going to be anyone’s kid. If the two Chiefs of Staff come and say and look at the IDF representative who is sitting here and say, ‘Honorable Sir, we do not approve the age of exemption,’ said Zion Goel. I don’t intend to do a coalition recruitment to move the exemption age.”

MK Panina Temano Sheta replied: “My request is that this law (the conscription law) will also not pass if there is not broad agreement in the committee.” Edelstein: “It cannot pass if there is no broad agreement.”

Foreign Affairs and Security Committee, Photo: Oren Ben Hakon

Sources close to MK Edelstein say that there is nothing new in his statement that the conscription law will only be passed by broad consensus. “Edelstein has been saying this for two months now. Here is a big event with real experience and a great chance to reach agreements on this difficult issue, after decades. Because this is a historic opportunity, Edelstein will not allow either side to play political games. The army will also be required to provide full and accurate answers and there will be no more smears,” said an insider to Edelstein.

The discussion that took place today in the committee is a follow-up to the decision on the application of the law of continuity that was passed about two weeks ago and allows for continued work on the conscription law that came up during the Bennet-Ganz regime, and to bring it to a second and third reading.

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