Egypt 360 ordered to pay EGP 26,000 compensation to journalist Asmaa Zidan for her unfair dismissal

The South Cairo Labor Court ruled, in case No. 877 of 2022, General Labor, on June 26, 2024, obligating the “Egypt 360” website, affiliated with the Dal Center for Development, Support and Media, to compensate journalist Asmaa Kamal, known as “Asmaa Zidane,” with an amount of 26,669 pounds for her arbitrary dismissal, in exchange for the notice period, the value of her dues, and the balance of her vacations.

The plaintiff – who is legally represented by the Egyptian Center’s lawyer – had joined the job of a journalist editor at the Egypt 360 website, affiliated with the Dam Center for Development, Support and Media, since January 2021, for a monthly salary of 5,000 Egyptian pounds. She was surprised, less than a year after her work, to be informed that the employment relationship between her and the defendant had been terminated without any administrative or legal reasons or procedures.

As a result, the plaintiff filed a complaint with the Labor Office, No. 806 of 2022. Since an amicable settlement between the two parties to the dispute was not possible, the Labor Office referred the complaint to the Labor Court for adjudication, and it was registered under Judicial No. 877 of 2022, South Cairo Workers, before Labor Circuit No. 17, on Wednesday.

The case was discussed in the sessions until the court decided to assign an expert from the Ministry of Justice to write a detailed report. He went to the headquarters of the defendant institution and met with one of the administrative employees who promised to submit documents at the next session, which did not happen. This prompted the expert to end the mission and submit a report that would do justice to the plaintiff.

The court also decided to refer the case for investigation and hearing witnesses. Indeed, the plaintiff brought witnesses to the incident of her dismissal before the court. Their testimony was heard and recorded, and the court reserved the case for judgment at the session of June 26, 2024.

During the session, the court ruled that the defendant institution must pay the plaintiff an amount of 10,000 pounds as compensation for unfair dismissal, an amount of 10,000 pounds as compensation for the notice period, and an amount of 3,000 pounds from the value of what the plaintiff worked as a salary for February 2022, in addition to 3,669 pounds for vacation balance.

For its part, the Egyptian Center expressed its appreciation for the judicial ruling that enhances the rights of journalists in their work environments, while stressing its continued support and provision of legal advice to them, based on its keenness to enhance their essential role in society.

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