Egyptian youth raise the banner of university sports at the international level

Within the framework of the strategic vision of the Union Egyptian athlete For universities to empower youth locally and internationally, Dr. Mustafa Bayoumi, Assistant Minister of Higher Education For Student Life and Sustainable Development and Vice President of the Federation, led a workshop for a group of students nominated to represent Egypt in the International University Sports Federation Ambassadors Program, a unique and competitive program that provides talented students from all over the world with the opportunity to train for a full year and interact with the world’s youth from different cultures and prepare and lead an executive plan to promote university sports at the local and international levels.

The students nominated to participate in the program went through a series of preparation and periodic evaluation stages over the past two months to reach the best elements to represent Egyptian university sports at the international level. Contact was made with the International Federation to increase the number of Egyptian students participating in the program’s preliminary session to 4 female students and 4 male students, which is the first time this number has participated from Egypt over the past ten years. This was followed by a series of individual interviews and evaluation stages that will end next August in preparation for announcing the number of 3 Egyptian ambassadors after negotiating with the International Federation to increase the number of Egyptian sports ambassadors in the program, which reflects Egypt’s relative weight as a leading country in the world in university sports.

Today’s workshop was held to discuss mechanisms for enhancing University Sports In Egypt and the world, linking it to the goals of sustainable development, discussing the most important local and regional challenges within the Arab world and the need to focus on increasing women’s opportunities for participation in sports activities and raising physical activity rates for both sexes. The students demonstrated a distinct understanding of the elements of university sports and the goals that they can work to achieve as ambassadors, such as promoting support for organizing local and international sporting events and spreading the noble values ​​of university sports to remove barriers between cultures and peoples and bring together the youth of the world on the principles of mutual respect and using sports as a means to achieve peace and sustainable development for all.

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