Elon Musk reveals the end of the talks to expand the XEI agreement

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, founder of XE, announced that the company has ended talks to expand an agreement with Oracle, according to a report published on the X platform.

This step comes at a time when XEI seeks to strengthen its position in the field of smart technology, by building the most powerful training group in the world, with a focus on developing generative artificial intelligence models, such as ChatGPT, which has achieved great success in recent months.

XEI was founded last summer under Musk, and since then the company has taken concrete steps toward enhancing its AI capabilities, by recruiting top engineers from leading companies like Tesla and launching innovative products like Grok.

Elon Musk

In a statement, Musk indicated that XEI is currently working on building a supercomputer equipped with 100,000 graphics processing units from the American company Nvidia, which are the chips needed to train and run generative artificial intelligence applications.

For its part, Oracle has provided important support to XEI, as it had previously contracted to provide 24,000 Nvidia chips to the company, which enhances its technical capabilities and supports its strategy in the market.

Although XEI did not disclose additional details about the reasons for the end of the talks with Oracle, the announcement negatively affected the Oracle market, as its shares fell by 3% to $140.80 in today’s trading.

This development comes after previous reports revealed that XEI is planning to build a supercomputer in the American city of Memphis, Tennessee, with the aim of keeping up with and outperforming its competitors in the field of developing generative artificial intelligence.

Despite this announcement, Elon Musk and XEI remain committed to a strategic vision focused on innovation and technological development, with the goal of achieving excellence in the world of advanced technology.

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