Endings are morals.. Celebrity couples who continued to support each other even after breaking up

Everyone needs a partner who is supportive of their work, success and tough times. This is one of the best qualities in a partner. There are many positive examples, especially among celebrities, of a supportive and always encouraging partner. But there are even more inspiring stories and examples of celebrity couples who have remained supportive of each other even after their relationship ended. marriageThey maintained a good relationship and were keen to support each other not only personally but also in front of others. In the following report, we review the most prominent examples:

Yasmine Abdel Aziz and Ahmed El Awady

The audience received the announcement with great sadness. Yasmin Abdel Aziz The decision to separate after a marriage that lasted 4 years, and despite the separation, Yasmine still encourages and supports Al-Awadhi even in his health ordeal, and Al-Awadhi also offers encouragement and prayers for Yasmine’s success, maintaining communication between them with all love.

Yasmine Abdel Aziz and Ahmed El Awady
Yasmine Abdel Aziz and Ahmed El Awady

Nelly Karim and Hesham Ashour

The artist separated Nelly Karim About her husband, Hisham Ashour, the squash player, after a marriage that lasted two and a half years, while maintaining appreciation and love between them.

Nelly Karim's wedding
Nelly Karim’s wedding

Here is Zahid and Ahmed Fahmy

After a great love story and a fairytale wedding, Ahmed Fahmy got married and…Here is the ascetic In 2019, but their married life did not last long, and the separation was announced last year after a marriage that lasted 4 years. Hana announced her separation via Instagram, writing, “Thank God, the separation between me and Ahmed has taken place after 4 years of marriage, and may God write goodness for each of us.”

She said in radio statements that she still maintains a good relationship with him and that she defends him against anyone who wrongs him, saying: “He is now a friend and colleague in the profession, and this is a great friendship, and anyone who brings up the name of anyone who belongs to him or him, I will put my hand in his eye.”

Hana El Zahid's wedding
Hana El Zahid’s wedding

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