Erdogan hints at possibility of inviting Assad with Putin to Türkiye | News


The Turkish President announced Recep Tayyip Erdogan He may invite the Syrian president. Bashar al-Assad With Russian President Vladimir Putin to Türkiye, as part of a move aimed at restoring relations between Ankara and Damascus.

Turkish media quoted Erdogan as telling reporters on Friday, while returning from Kazakhstan after participating in the summit: Shanghai Organization In Astana, “we may invite Mr. Putin and (Syrian President) Bashar al-Assad. If Mr. Putin can visit Turkey, it may be the beginning of a new process.”

He added that only ISIS militants and Kurdish armed groups oppose the normalization of Turkish-Syrian relations.

Reuters reported that it was not clear whether the invitation Erdogan spoke of was for Assad to visit Turkey or for a meeting to be held elsewhere.

A week ago, the Turkish president said there was no reason not to establish relations between his country and Syria, noting that he did not rule out the possibility of holding a meeting with his Syrian counterpart to help restore relations between the two countries.

Ankara severed its relations with Damascus after Syrian Revolution In 2011, it supported opponents of the Assad regime.

It also carried out several cross-border military operations against militants. Kurdish People’s Protection Units who say they are related toKurdistan workers’ party And they threaten its national security, and created “Safe areaIn northern Syria, Turkish forces are currently stationed.

While Erdogan has repeatedly declared his desire to normalize relations with Syria, Syrian officials have linked this normalization to Turkey withdrawing its forces from opposition-held northwestern Syria.

In April 2023, the intelligence chiefs of Iran, Russia, Syria and Turkey held talks as part of efforts to rebuild Turkish-Syrian relations after years of hostility.

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