Euro 2024.. Determining the referees of Saturday’s matches in the eighth round

Championship round-of-eight matches begin Euro 2024The day after tomorrow evening, Saturday, when I face Switzerland with… Italy And the team Germany The host faces its counterpart, the Danish national team.

The European Football Association (UEFA) revealed the referees for Saturday’s matches in the round of 16 of Euro 2024, where Polish Simon Marciniak will officiate Switzerland’s match with Italy, at seven in the evening.

While the Englishman Michael Oliver will lead the match between the German national team and its Danish counterpart, which will be held at exactly 10 pm.

The Euro 2024 quarter-final matches will be held over 4 days, and will continue until next Tuesday.

Six teams qualified for the round of sixteen of Euro 2024, as the leaders of the six groups, in addition to six teams that came in second place, in addition to the best four teams that came in third place.

The teams qualified for the round of 16 of Euro 2024 are as follows:

Group 1: Germany – Switzerland.

Group Two: Spain and Italy.

Group Three: England, Denmark and Slovenia.

Group 4: Austria, France and Netherlands.

Group Five: Romania, Belgium and Slovakia.

Group Six: Portugal, Türkiye and Georgia.

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