Euro 2024 | Hierro saved victory from the “Poland prank”… and Lewandowski is “not the superman” against Austria

Poland falls again in Euro 2024.

Poland’s senior national football team suffered a lot; In order to qualify for the European Nations Cup “Euro 2024”, which is hosted by Germany on its soil, from June 14 to July 14.

Poland advanced to Euro 2024; After defeating the first Wales national football team by “penalty kicks”, following the end of regular and extra time in a draw (0-0), in the final playoff competitions of the qualifiers.

But what happened next?“..What happened is that the Poland national team presented one of its worst continental performances, as it lost to the Netherlands (1-2), in the first round of the group stage, before falling by three to one against Austria, in the second round.

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This is the first time in the history of the Polish national team’s participation in the European Nations Cup. Which loses in the first two rounds of the group stage.

And against Austria in particular, many problems became clear within the ranks of the Polish team, which appeared very weak and fragile. Especially in the goalkeeping and centre-back positions.

Hierro saved Al-Nasr Club from the “Poland prank”

Wojciech SzczesnyGetty Images

A few days ago… all reports confirmed that Al-Nasr Saudi Club had reached an agreement with Polish goalkeeper FWychek Szczesny; To include him in the ranks of the first football team, this summer.

The Szczesny deal was stopped by Spanish legend Fernando Hierro, as soon as he assumed the position of sporting director of Al-Nasr Club. It seems that he was seeing what the rest of the officials in the Saudi giant did not see.

Hierro found Szczesny’s errors “fatal”; Although in many matches, he saves goals; Whether against his country, Poland, or his Italian team, Juventus.

This was already evident in the match between Poland and Austria. The veteran goalkeeper dealt very poorly, without any quick reaction, with the competitor’s “second” goal. Although he saved many dangerous chances, before and after.

Also.. Wojciech Szczesny caused a “penalty kick” against Poland; After failing to confront an explicit Austrian unilateralism; Which resulted in the third goal against him.

Robert Lewandowski is not “Superman”

Robert LewandowskiGetty Images

For his part, Robert Lewandowski, the Polish national team and Spanish club Barcelona striker, recently appeared in the European Nations Cup (Euro 2024). After his absence from facing the Netherlands.

Lewandowski missed the Poland-Netherlands match, due to injury and lack of physical readiness; Before participating in the last half hour of his country’s confrontation against Austria.

During the half hour in which he participated, Lewandowski did not provide anything noteworthy; Rather, he was content with receiving a yellow card, after a violent intervention on one of the players of the opposing team.

In the absence of Lewandowski, Poland scored two goals. One of them was against the Netherlands, and the other was against Austria, before he took to the field, in the last half hour.

Therefore… the problem with the Poland national team was not Lewandowski in the first place; Where the Poland national team succeeded in scoring in his absence; But the real crisis was on the defensive side.

3 of the five goals conceded by the Polish national team; It came with penetrations from deep within the defence, and even the penalty kick that Austria won; It was an attack from “depth” as well.

The technical staff of the Polish national team was unable to address this crisis that was clear to everyone. The result was “zero points” after two rounds of Group 4 matches, which also included the French giants.

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