Fahd, son of Tim Hassan: My son will carry the name of my mother’s husband, Ahmed

During his appearance in an interview on the program “I Have a Question” presented by Mohammed Qais, Fahd, the son of Tim Hassan and Dima Bayaa, surprised the audience with his statements about his stepfather.

During the interview, in which her mother Maha Al-Masry appeared, Dima confirmed that she will always support her children and will be by their side in every step of their lives.

Fahd, son of Tim Hassan: “I was bullied a lot”

During the meeting, Fahd talked about his deep relationship with Ahmed, his mother Dima Bayaa’s husband, which sparked controversy on social media about his relationship with his father, Tim Hassan.

Fahd answered in a shocking way when “Mohammed Qais” asked him about the name he would choose for his son in the future, so he chose the name “Ahmed” as an expression of his love for him.

The public was divided between supporters and opponents of these statements. Some considered that he was still too young for such answers, while others considered that it was up to the boy to choose who he loved based on who was raising him and taking care of him, not just his biological father.

He added that he does not resemble his father much, as he has many of his mother’s characteristics and passions, describing his brother Ward as being closer to his father in terms of character.

Fahd confirmed that he loves his father, Tim Hassan, and misses him, as he has not seen him for about two months. He wished to see him in a comedic role if he was a director, because he believes that the new generation prefers comedy.

He also revealed during the interview that he aspires to become an engineer, and is not inclined to work in the field of art, unlike his parents. If he happens to enter the world of art, he will benefit from his parents’ experience.

He also noted that he does not mind trying out fashion shows, revealing that he was bullied a lot when he was overweight, but he was not affected, and he sought to be healthier and encourage others to do the same.

Fahd also confirmed that he was the one who pushed his mother to enter the world of TikTok and live broadcasting, and that he was the way out for her to enter this world, and he does not care about people’s opinions.

As for Dima, she said that she entered the world of TikTok for the sake of enjoyment and entertainment, and she does not care about what is said about her entry into this application, but rather seeks to expand her audience to support her own business project.

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