Farewell under fire: Toni Kroos ended his last career match as the enemy of the Spanish people

The end of the German national team’s journey in the home Euro was also the end of the glorious career of its midfielder Toni Kroos, who at the age of 34 played his last game, after announcing at the beginning of the summer that he would retire immediately after the end of the Manschaft’s part in the continental championship. Mikel Marino’s dramatic strike goal in the 119th minute established this as a painful fact for the German.

Immediately after the game, Kroos received a lot of compliments for his multi-title career, mainly with Real Madrid, but he also had one golden moment in the national team, winning the World Cup in 2014 in Brazil. However, the networks continued to attack him for his aggressive play. “He came to end his career,” claimed Spanish fans after Kroos injured Pedri and finished the Euro for him after only 8 minutes in the quarter-finals.

“A great player? A nasty player!”, the Spaniards continued to attack in the X network, and former English player Daniel Sturridge added: “I don’t understand how he didn’t get at least a yellow.” In “Marka” they were more blunt: “Cross came to kill and left unpunished. It’s a shame.” And finally it was written in “AS”: “Just as Pedri left the field crying, now it’s Kroos’ turn to retire from the game in tears.”

And yet, both in the Spanish media and in the German media they wanted to mention that Cross “ended a great career and was always a role model for other players”.

Cross hits Pedri. came out cheap, Photo: Reuters

At the end of the game, the Germans and Spaniards found a common enemy and pointed an accusing finger at the English referee Anthony Taylor. “He brought the rules of the Premier League with him. He should have been left in England,” wrote one of the fans online.

While the Spaniards were furious that Taylor made lacrosse concessions and allowed a nervous game full of fouls and rough tackles – which they were also complicit in – in Germany they claimed that they were robbed of a penalty in the closing moments of extra time after a touch by Mark Coqueria in the box. However, commentators on the various broadcasting networks explained that the decision was made according to the instructions received by the Euro judges. “The hand was down and behind the back. The touch was not intentional. It’s not a penalty according to the regulations.” The Germans claimed sarcastically: “A decision in accordance with the instructions they wanted the judges to accept.”

Marino hits Spain’s promotion goal, Photo: E.P

At the end of the day, the Spaniards overcame Pedri’s injury and celebrated advancing to the semi-finals, as well as breaking the curse – a first victory in a major tournament over the host team. In the Spanish media, they chose the goalkeeper Unai Simon and the defender Mark Coqueria as the heroes of the victory, as well as the scorer and cook Danny Olmo and of course Mikel Marino who beat La Roja to the semi-finals.

“We are in the big four,” shouted the headline in Ace, and the rival newspaper “Hamarka” wrote: “This is eternal Spain. Sixth semi-final in Euro history and fourth in the last five tournaments.” They also added: “Marino the warrior saved General de la Fuente from trouble, but everyone who played today joins the great names who brought the titles 12 and 16 years ago.”


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