Fear will not win: 35 seconds of Alma Zeke that every Israeli should hear

For the fourth week in a row, more than 100,000 people have come to the Mochash demonstration at Democracy Square, which is the Kaplan-Begin intersection, to demand a deal for the return of the abductees and the advance of the elections. And more central elements in Israeli existence. Yesterday it was unexpectedly Alma Zeke’s turn to speak in front of the thousands of demonstrators, and the words she said at the beginning of the speech should be heard by every citizen.

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“When I told my family and friends that I was going to give a speech here tonight,” Zak began, “there were those who asked if I wasn’t afraid. So that’s exactly why I’m here. I’m not ready to raise my daughters in a place where people are afraid to speak. I’m not ready to keep looking at My daughters are smiling in their eyes and in their hearts we are betting on their no future here, and that is why we are here and will continue to go out into the streets and make our voices heard – because we have no choice and we have no time!”.

In her words, Zeke aimed at the fear that the police violence is trying to inflict on the demonstrators, as well as the aggressive attack of Binyamin Netanyahu’s poison machine on all those who mark him as the main culprit in the Shiva massacre in October, and as if to prove what she said, within a few hours all the senior shofaras and poison pipes rushed to attack the actress which is appreciated in all social networks, in what appears to be a simultaneous and coordinated move from above to try and silence the important voice she voiced.

This is not the first time that Alma Zeke has stepped forward and expressed herself on the burning issues of the topical front, which has often expressed itself boldly in recent years in the political arena, and during Netanyahu’s attempted coup d’état she was very active in a number of videos, mainly in the face of the threat of harming women’s rights in Israel but also in the defense of democracy. The poison machine marked Zeke a long time ago following Sarah Netanyahu’s masterful imitation. As Yossi Werter published back in 2018, the prime minister’s associates demanded that Meshet 12 put the imitation aside, and probably that Zeke often pressures them on sensitive points. And this time too.

Be that as it may, Zeke’s words last night at the demonstration echoed throughout the evening and ran strong on social media, inspiring the thousands protesting in the field and hopefully also among those still staying at home. Fear will not win.

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