Germany fans celebrate at the dramatic equalizer

Assi Maman and Redad Jabara, Germany |

“We will win the tournament” (Radad Jabara)

Football is played for 90 minutes and at the end the Germans are happy. Last night (Sunday), it was a day off in Germany and thousands gathered in the streets to watch the team’s final group stage match against Switzerland, which ended with a big celebration.

Throughout most of the game the home crowd was frustrated. The team had chances, but did not score, and in the fans’ areas they were disappointed with the Swiss’ goal. But in the final minutes, Niklas Polkrog’s equalizer sent everyone into the air.

Regardless of the result, Germany is in the round of 16 and the audience in the country is sure that Julian Engelsman’s team will still reach the final: “We will win the tournament”. Watch the voices, pictures and what happened to the fans during the night, including the madness in the goal that made it 1:1 dramatic.

Watch: The Germans are in a frenzy after the dramatic equaliser
Moments of tension during the game (Radad Jabara)Moments of tension during the game (Radad Jabara)
German fans (Redd Jabara)German fans (Redd Jabara)
Manchester United fans cheering (Radad Jabara)Manchester United fans cheering (Radad Jabara)
Crowds watched the game in the fans' complex (Radad Jabara)Crowds watched the game in the fans’ complex (Radad Jabara)
Atmosphere in 'Fan Zone' (Radad Jabara)Atmosphere in ‘Fan Zone’ (Radad Jabara)
German Celebration (Radad Jabara)German Celebration (Radad Jabara)

German fans celebrate the equalizer (Redd Jabara)German fans celebrate the equalizer (Redd Jabara)
Great joy for the fans of the host (Radad Jabara)Great joy for the fans of the host (Radad Jabara)
And there were also fireworks (Radad Jabara)And there were also fireworks (Radad Jabara)

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