Germany: “The chance of war in the north is increasing, Hamas must release the abductees”

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At the 21st Herzliya Conference, which is being held against the background of the war and Israel’s position in the world, German Foreign Minister Analana Barbuk spoke. “I’ve been to this area ten times in the last nine months, and with each visit, my fears grew that we were sliding into a dead end.” She stated: “Israel’s security is a top value for my country”

At the 21st Herzliya Conference of the Institute for Policy and Strategy at Reichman University, German Foreign Minister Analana Barbuk spoke yesterday and provided some interesting statements.

She referred to her many visits to the region since the outbreak of the war: “It was important for me to come to Israel directly after October 7 – to understand this trauma. To meet with relatives of the abductees. To sit in the situation room in Netivot and force myself to watch the terrible video of the atrocities in – October 7. To see, to understand and to make sure that everything we do, we help prevent the success of Hamas.”

“I’ve been to this area ten times in nine months, and with each visit, my fears grew that we were heading for a dead end,” she said. “The security of the State of Israel is a supreme value for my country,” she stated.

“Israel has the right to defend itself, like any other country in the world. Hamas wanted to destroy Israel’s security, but also Israel’s legitimacy. Hamas started this war. And it must end this horror. Hamas must release all the abductees – some German citizens. Hamas must stop its attacks on Israel. It is Hamas that wanted to provoke a regional escalation with the help of its international supporters,” she said.

She commented on the situation in the north: “We are very concerned about the increase in fighting on the northern border. I will visit Beirut for this reason – many there also do not want another war. Together with our partners, we are working hard on finding solutions that can prevent further suffering. The risk of an escalation into an all-out war is increasing day by day for the day”.

Regarding a Palestinian state, she said: “The security of Israel will only be possible if there is security for the Palestinians. At the same time, security for the Palestinians will only be possible if there is security for Israel, one is not possible without the other. This is not a popular opinion in Israel, perhaps even less today than before October 7, I Aware of this. And who am I to tell you what is best? But as a strong friend of Israel, I could not help but ask: what is the alternative for the future in which all the people in this region can live without fear of recurring violence? The future of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state?”

The Foreign Minister criticized the reports that Palestinians and Hamas terrorists were beaten in detention: “I have to admit – especially due to the democratic power of Israel, I find certain reports disturbing. Mistreatment of detainees from Gaza in the field of Yemen. Reports about how extremist settlers in the West Bank brutally push Palestinians out of their homes, Often without being prosecuted.”

She made an implicit criticism of the government regarding the settlements. “Recently there have been reports about how certain members of the Israeli cabinet are pushing for the financial destruction of the Palestinian Authority and measures that further strengthen the occupation of the West Bank” (referring to the measures taken and carried out by the Minister of Finance).

She added: “These reports are so disturbing because they do not reflect what I believe unites us, as strong democracies. We are strongest when we uphold human rights, international law, when we rally around these values, united, at the heart of the international community.”

She called on Hamas to accept Biden’s cease-fire plan. “We trust Israel to live up to its commitments. I am aware that not everyone in Israel approves of President Biden’s outline. Some call for continued Israeli control over Gaza, for a war that continues indefinitely.”

She continued: “How will this lead to Israel’s security? Israel has achieved real success in destroying Hamas’s military capabilities. Hamas is now facing a situation it always wanted to prevent: Israel’s Arab neighbors have come together to think of a better future for the region, ways to create security for Israel and the Palestinians. This is what we need to build.”

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