Ghanaian Yakubu shines in China without injuries after being rejected by Al Ahly.. in numbers

Ghanaian striker’s position Abdul Aziz Yaqoubplayer Rio Ave Portuguese Former Wuhan Three Towns FC, currently Chinese club Al-Ahly In an unenviable position after the Red Devils refused to include him in January 2023, after he came to Cairo to undergo a medical examination, due to some observations in the medical examination and fear of his injuries recurring, after he was injured twice in the knee in 2017 and 2019.

Since then, and during a season and a half, Aziz Yacoubou has shone and contributed to 43 goals in 18 months with Portuguese club Rio Ave and Chinese club Wuhan Three Towns, to which he moved during the winter transfer market of 2023.

During the 2023 season, the Ghanaian striker shone and contributed to 32 goals in various competitions during 44 matches, scoring 27 goals and making 5 assists.

Yakubu has been in fine form since moving to the Chinese Super League, scoring 15 goals in 20 games for Wuhan, including 12 goals in 17 appearances.

As in the current 2024 season, the Ghanaian player participated in 22 matches, during which he scored 7 goals and made 4 others, as he participated in six matches in the AFC Champions League, during which he scored one goal and made two others.

He also played 16 matches with his Portuguese club until the end of the season, during which he scored 6 goals and made 2 assists.

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Although Aziz Yakubu (25 years old) has a contract with Rio Ave of Portugal until next season, specifically the summer of 2025, the Portuguese club’s management decided to dispense with the player, so the Ghanaian striker left for the Japanese second division.

Dear Yacoubou
Dear Yacoubou

The Japanese club Shimizu S-Pulse announced the signing of Abdul Aziz Yaqoub without announcing the official contract period, as the Japanese club only announced the deal according to what was stated on the Japanese club’s platforms on social media.

Earlier, Antonio Silva Campos, president of the Portuguese club Rio Ave, expressed his astonishment at the failure of the transfer deal of Ghanaian Abdul Aziz Yakubu to Al-Ahly, and said, “Al-Ahly’s position was strange. Yakubu is in good health and does not suffer from any injuries, as he has not missed any match or training for the team this season.”

The president of the Portuguese club Rio Ave continued in his statements, Al-Ahly’s request was strange to include Yacoubou until the end of the season for free, after agreeing to sell the player for 2 and a half million dollars.


Yakubu did not miss any match for the Chinese or Portuguese teams due to injury, which raises question marks about Al-Ahly’s decision.

Aziz Yacoubou, 25, plays for the Portuguese team Rayo Ave. He holds Ghanaian citizenship and is good at playing as a striker.

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Ghanaian striker Yakubu

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