Good news that everyone is waiting for.. The date of disbursement of the advanced Social Security salary, batch 31, for the month of July 2024 in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has clarified the date of disbursement of the developed social security salary, payment No. 31 for the month of June 2024. Everyone wants to know whether the disbursement date will be advanced or delayed according to the vacation date. Social security is one of the most important programs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that provides support to eligible groups.

The date of disbursement of the security salary

The date of disbursement of the security salaryThe Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development announced the disbursement date for Batch No. 31 for next July 2024, and everyone is preparing to receive the Social Security salary before the end of this month.

The disbursement will start on the first day of the next month. If the disbursement date coincides with an official holiday or vacation, the date will be changed, either early or late.

Early payment date

Everyone is looking for the fact that the payment date for Payment No. 31 is early, but it will be July 1 and the deposit will begin at midnight in the accounts of Social Security beneficiaries.

But to get the improved social security, you must know the terms and conditions for all beneficiaries so that it does not stop for you at any time.

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The value of the Social Security pension

Social Security salary disbursement dateThe Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development clarified the value of the social security pension for all beneficiaries, whether the dependent or the breadwinner, in accordance with the conditions and papers required for their work.

The family member receives 1,320 Saudi riyals, while the dependent person receives 660 Saudi riyals. The value of the food subsidy is about 84 Saudi riyals, and the electricity subsidy is worth about 72 Saudi riyals.

Inquiry about eligibility results

There are some steps you need to take to inquire about the eligibility results for the improved social security, which are as follows:

  • Log in to the Ministry of Human Resources from here.
  • Type the name. Details for logging into the website.
  • Click on the icon for electronic services.
  • Click on inquire about eligibility results for Batch No. 31.
  • You will see full details of the eligibility results.

Does the upgraded warranty continue for life?

The developed social security continues until notification of its cessation by competent sources such as the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, but so far there is no official decision.

How old is the developer warranty allowed?

The age allowed to receive a monthly salary from Social Security is 25 years, and in other cases you can receive it when you are 18 years old, but with the presence of papers proving the matter.

When does your name drop from the developed Social Security?

The name will be dropped from the developed social security if you do not update the data or do not attend rehabilitation and training programs within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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