Governor of Qalyubia: Opening of 15 Welcome Ramadan exhibitions in the cities and centers of the governorate, with 35% discounts.

Abdul Hamid Al-Hagan confirmed Governor of QalyubiaThe governorate places as its top priority alleviating the suffering of citizens and making it easier for them by providing them with basic goods at low prices and high quality in places close to their homes. The governorate has so far opened 15 new exhibitions to sell basic goods and supplies for the Holy Month, in the centers, cities and neighborhoods of the governorate. Within the framework of the governorate’s keenness to provide goods to citizens and spread in places close to residential complexes and blocs.

This came during a tour by the Governor of Qalyubia, to open 3 new Ahlan Ramadan showrooms in the cities of Kafr Shukr, Shebin El-Qanater, and Al-Khanka, in light of implementing the directives of the political leadership to fully prepare for the blessed month of Ramadan and provide all basic goods and needs necessary to meet the needs of citizens for goods and lift the burden from their shoulders. This came in the presence of members of the House of Representatives, Dr. Mohamed Attia Al-Fayoumi, President of the Qalyubia Chamber of Commerce, Eid Abdullah, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Supply, Dr. Bakr Abdel Moneim, President of Kafr Shukr City, Khaled Al-Arfi, President of Shibin Al-Qanater City, Magdy Najah, Mayor of Khanka City, and a number of executive and popular leaders in the governorate.

Al-Hagan was keen to see for himself the quality of the goods offered and their reduced prices compared to their counterparts in the markets, directing coordination to support the outlet to meet the needs on an ongoing basis and reduce the burden on citizens, pointing to the importance of continuing efforts to control prices to combat commercial fraud and prevent monopoly or concealment of food commodities and confront them. High prices, in addition to coordination between all concerned agencies to meet citizens’ requirements and needs for food commodities during the holy month of Ramadan and even after Eid al-Fitr.

The governor inspected the products of those exhibitions, which were implemented in coordination and cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and the Supply Directorate, and included (rice, pasta, oil, lentils, beans, ghee, frozen chicken, meat, flour, dairy, vegetables, detergents, canned goods), and other necessary products. Importantly, the governor was keen to inform himself of the quality of the goods offered and their reduced prices compared to their counterparts in the markets. He directed the supply, in coordination with the General Company for Wholesale Trade, to pump and support the outlets with additional quantities of the most in-demand commodities, “sugar – rice”, to meet the needs on an ongoing basis and reduce the burden on citizens. The exhibitions this year are different from previous years and have an unprecedented abundance, and that merchants are committed to providing goods at the set prices and that the discounts reach from 20% to 35%.

Al-Hagan stressed, during the opening of these exhibitions, the availability of all goods at the outlets and markets, and they are continuing to pump additional quantities to meet the needs of citizens in villages and cities, and a decline in prices during the coming period, as the governor sent a message of reassurance to citizens in which he stressed the availability of all basic and strategic goods, and we are continuing to pump more quantities. Additional goods in outlets and markets to meet the needs of the people, especially with the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, stressing that 15 exhibitions have been opened, and they are in the center and city of Banha (Farid Nada Street – the National Guard area – Ramla – the village of Mit Asem on the agricultural road) and the center and city of Toukh (the two villages of Ajhour). Al-Kubra and Kafr Mansour), the city of Qaha (in front of the civil registry), the Qanater Al-Khayriyah Center and City (next to the industrial secondary school and the village of Al-Munira), the city of Shubra Al-Kheima (Al-Moassa Square in the West Shubra Al-Kheima neighborhood and next to the Palace of Culture on May 15 Street in the East Shubra Al-Kheima neighborhood) and Al-Khosos City (in front of the Sharia Association ) and the city of Khanka (next to the city council), the city of Kafr Shukr (Gamal Abdel Nasser Street in front of the market), and the city of Shebin al-Qanater (near the comprehensive hospital), and that there is a field visit by the inspection and follow-up departments in the governorate to follow up on the general condition of all “Welcome Ramadan” exhibitions to ensure Controlling prices and committing to announcing reduced prices for all types of goods “before and after” in all exhibition pavilions, protecting them from exploitation, and ensuring the availability of goods in sufficient quantities to meet the needs of citizens.

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