Haim Etgar reveals a new crook: who is the Brazilian model?

Haim Etgar (screenshot Keshet 12)

The Brazilian model is known throughout Tel Aviv, a desirable bachelor who is always surrounded by beautiful women, but only one has won a ring from him. As she plans her dream wedding, she is exposed to a detail that changes her life and the Brazilian model’s secret is revealed.

Following the findings of the “impersonators” investigation, the police opened an investigation. The model, whose surprising identity will be revealed this evening at Bequest 12, tried to prevent the broadcast of the investigation tonight, and appealed to the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court to issue a gag order on his identity. His request was rejected by judge Ruit Peleg Bar-Dayan, and the episode will be broadcast tonight as planned.

Also, even before the broadcast of the episode and following the broadcast of the promos, other women contacted the “impersonators” system who claimed that the well-known model dumped them in the trash and their complaints are being investigated. The impersonator production was represented in the proceedings by attorney Maya Nussbaum from the office of Goldfarb Seligman & Co.

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This is not the first time that Haim Etgar wins a court challenge and succeeds in overcoming the teacher’s gag order, already in the recent past he received permission just a few hours before the broadcast to reveal the identity of a crook.

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