Haredi recruitment: Immediate orders to the Israeli army to recruit 3,000 “Haredi” Jews after the Supreme Court’s decision to compel their military service

in Israel

image source, ZUMA PRESS

Comment on the photo, Israeli police clear a street of Haredi protesters against military service (earlier this month)

Legal authorities in Israel ordered the army to immediately recruit 3,000 ultra-Orthodox Jewish students known as “Haredim.”

These orders come hours after a historic decision by the Israeli Supreme Court that ended their exemption from military service, and amid expectations of protests against it.

While there are currently more than 60,000 Haredi students, the army has acknowledged that only 3,000 are likely to be recruited this year.

The Israeli Likud Party, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, criticized the timing of a decision by the country’s Supreme Court requiring compulsory conscription for ultra-Orthodox Jewish institute students.

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