Hazem Imam: Abdullah Al-Saeed “King” the local players in “Mentality”

Hazem Emam, the former Zamalek star, confirmed that Abdullah Al-Saeed, the White Castle player, is one of the most important players that the fans are counting on in tonight’s Egypt Cup final match between the two poles of Egyptian football.

Hazem Imam said on the On Time Sports channel, “Abdullah Al-Saeed, if he had joined from Al-Ahly to Zamalek directly, things would have been completely different, but his going through the Pyramids experience made things better at the public level. Abdullah Al-Saeed is the “King” of the local players in “Mentality.”

He added, you do not now find players with the same mentality as Abdullah Al-Saeed who are able to continue. Al-Saeed joined Zamalek at the age of 38, and the fans are still waiting a lot from him.

Al-Ahly and Zamalek will meet at 7:30 pm today, Friday, at Al-Awal Park Stadium, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for the final of the Egypt Cup for the 2022-2023 season.

The struggle between the two greats has been going on for a long time in various tournaments, and each of them seeks to dominate Egyptian football, and the winner is the audience who enjoys distinctive matches and levels in each match.

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