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Embryo- Thursday morning began Embryo Different from all the mornings that follow the Israeli occupation forces storming the city and its camp located to the north West Bank.

Hours after a large-scale military operation in Jenin camp, the occupation army announced the killing of a sniper unit commander with the rank of officer in two explosions in military vehicles in Marj Ibn Amer plain, and the injury of 16 other soldiers.

The operation was widely welcomed by the camp’s residents, who suffered extensive damage due to the ongoing destruction of their property, homes and infrastructure during the occupation’s repeated incursions.

According to the residents who went out to the camp square to inspect the destruction caused by the military bulldozers, this incursion is different from others in view of the extent of the losses inflicted by the resistance on the ranks of the occupation army.

From the midst of destruction

In front of his house in the middle of the camp square, Abu Shadi (52 years old) was talking with his neighbors about the news he was receiving about an ambush set up by elements of… Jenin Battalion to the occupation forces. He said in an audible voice, “The youth made it worse this time…” meaning that they succeeded in causing the occupation soldiers to be killed or wounded. While his neighbor commented, “Let them know that entering Jenin is not easy. May God protect the youth.”

Abu Shadi himself had his house damaged as a result of the occupation bulldozing the outer wall surrounding it and demolishing parts of it, in addition to destroying the street and the camp yard opposite it, and cutting the electricity wires. But this is no longer important to the camp residents, who are accustomed to the occupation’s methods in every incursion, he says.

He added, “What is left in the camp that they did not destroy? They destroyed the streets, the neighborhoods, and the houses. Even on Eid days, they came and bulldozed everything. We are used to destruction. They are trying to punish us as sons of the camp. They are trying to demolish it and eliminate the resistance fighters. But we will stay here, and we will continue to support the youth of the resistance.”

Near the UNRWA clinic (UNRWAIn the middle of Jenin camp, one can see the massive destruction caused by the Israeli occupation bulldozers and machinery that stormed the city of Jenin and its camp last night in large numbers, and began to bulldoze the streets leading to it.

The hole created by the homemade explosive device that exploded in the occupation vehicle, killing an Israeli officer and wounding 16 other children in the Marj Ibn Amer plain, north of Jenin camp 6-27-2024_ Fatima Mahmoud - Jenin - Palestine - Al Jazeera Net
A hole created by an explosive device detonated by the Jenin Battalion in an Israeli military vehicle in the Marj Ibn Amer Plain (Al Jazeera)

double ambush

Less than an hour after the raid, local news groups on social media reported hearing a large explosion in the middle of the Marj Ibn Amer plain, located to the north of Jenin camp. It turned out that a homemade bomb was planted by fighters from the Jenin Battalion, affiliated with theAl-Quds Brigades (Military wing ofIslamic Jihad Movement), and exploded in one of the occupation military vehicles.

Video clips circulated by Palestinian activists showed the moment of the explosion, while news of confirmed injuries among occupation soldiers continued. Eyewitnesses from the residents said that they saw at least 4 Israeli helicopters landing at the explosion site and transporting injured soldiers.

In the morning, the occupation army admitted that its military vehicles had been ambushed in the middle of the “Marj Ibn Amer” plain, which is the road taken by its vehicles, troop carriers, and military bulldozers to reach the camp when it was stormed.

The army said in a statement that a very large explosive device exploded in an armored military vehicle, causing injuries among the soldiers inside. After a number of other soldiers arrived to treat the injured, and five meters away from the site of the first explosion, another explosive device exploded, killing Officer Alon Skagio, a commander in the Israeli army’s sniper unit, and wounding 16 other soldiers in the two explosions.

According to the occupation army’s statement, the ambush was “extremely surprising,” especially since the Israeli military force that was on its way to the camp had completed all the procedures it normally takes before storming, which is combing the roads with bulldozers to remove any mine or bomb planted in the streets, but nothing was met. This time, one or two explosive devices were on their way, which exploded in military vehicles, causing “major losses.”

According to the initial investigations conducted by the occupation army, the explosive devices were surprising in terms of their large size and in terms of their being planted at a depth of at least 1.5 meters.

The large holes caused by the explosive devices in the Marj Ibn Amer plain show their enormous size, which confirms their difference from the nature of the devices that the Jenin Battalion used to plant on the sides of roads and streets in the camp and on its outskirts.

Although the camp residents fear that the Israeli occupation army will return to carry out a large-scale raid in revenge for the killing of an officer and the wounding of 16 others, they consider what happened a great achievement for the resistance.

“The occupation forces are constantly storming, destroying and sabotaging the camp. They have left nothing as it is, and they do not need a reason to enter the camp and turn it upside down. The ambush is a great achievement for the battalion and its youth, and we hope that it continues and develops and that the battalion inflicts more painful injuries on the soldiers each time,” Ahmad al-Saadi, a resident of Jenin camp, told Al Jazeera Net, as he went out to inspect the destruction around his home.

Jenin Battalion detonated an explosive device in the occupation army vehicles, which resulted in the death of an officer and the injury of soldiers from the X platform.
Two explosive devices detonated in a “double ambush” of the Jenin Battalion, killing an officer and wounding 16 Israeli soldiers (social media)

Battalion performance development

Othman Khalil, a resident of the camp, also says that Jenin is the other image of Gaza, with its resistance, their steadfastness, and their continuous attempts to develop the fighting methods they use to confront the occupation.

He added to Al Jazeera Net, “We see this destruction exactly like it in Gaza, and we see this steadfastness from the youth of the resistance in the resistance fighters in Gaza. Thanks to God, the battalion is always trying to develop itself, to resist this brutal occupation.”

Meanwhile, a number of fighters from the “Jenin Brigade” were distributed at the entrances to the camp and in its alleys to monitor and monitor any movements of special forces or occupation soldiers to re-storm after the “Marj Ibn Amer” ambush.

Al Jazeera Net spoke with the fighter “N.S.” from the Jenin Battalion, while he was on a tour to inspect the barriers that the battalion has set up at the entrances to the camp to prevent the entry of “suspicious” cars that might be carrying Israeli special forces.

He said that the battalion is trying with all its might to develop methods of confrontation with the Israeli occupation forces, especially after the fighters realized that machine guns were no longer sufficient to inflict losses on soldiers entrenched in armored vehicles, “so the battalion developed locally manufactured explosive devices and the method of detonating and planting them.”

He added, “The occupation army is in shock because it still does not know whether the latest bombs were detonated by wires or electronically. We in the battalion will not explain how we detonated them in order to keep them in shock and confusion. But thanks to God, the bombs are being developed to inflict the greatest losses on the occupation soldiers, and we promise them that this is only the beginning.”

Another fighter named “S.D.” confirmed to Al Jazeera Net that the assassinations carried out by Israel against the resistance fighters have increased the number of young men joining the battalion. Every martyred fighter is followed by three other young men joining the ranks of the “mujahideen.” These are “more experienced in fighting, confronting, and preparing explosives.”

“The youth feel that they have nothing to lose after all that Israel has done in Jenin andGaza And in the rest of the West Bank camps, everyone believes that resistance is the solution.”

By announcing the killing of an officer from the Israeli occupation army’s sniper unit and the wounding of 16 other soldiers, this is the first time that the Israeli army has acknowledged the occurrence of such losses among its ranks in the northern West Bank in 22 years, that is, since the famous invasion of Jenin in 2002.

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