“His colleague wipes his tears”.. Hafid Draji continues to provoke Ronaldo fans

The famous Algerian commentator Hafiz Draji continued to provoke fans of the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, despite their launching a strong campaign of criticism against him.

Dragui had made “strong” comments against Ronaldo, during the match between Portugal and Slovenia, yesterday, Monday, in the round of 16 of the European Nations Cup (Euro 2024), which the Sailors won on penalties (3-0).

In the second half, Hafeez commented on Ronaldo touching one of the balls: “Finally Cristiano appeared,” before adding, “Ronaldo will not score,” and he expected him to miss the penalty kick, which he actually missed before the end of the first extra period in the 105th minute.

The topic is continued below.

After missing the penalty kick, Ronaldo started crying, so the Algerian commentator started counting the times the Portuguese legend cried during his football career, which put Draji in front of a storm of attacks from the Portuguese star’s fans on social media platforms after the match.

Dragui did not give in to the pressure from Ronaldo’s fans, and wrote a tweet on his account on the X platform, in which he said: “The young Portuguese goalkeeper Diego Costa wipes Ronaldo’s tears, saves Pepe from a tragic end to his journey, and leads Portugal to the quarter-finals of the European Nations Cup after stopping 3 penalty kicks in a dramatic match.”

The Portuguese national team will have a fiery date with its French counterpart in the quarter-finals of the Euro, after the Roosters managed to overcome the Belgian obstacle with a clean goal.

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