His name was repeated 12 times.. Putin dominates the Biden-Trump debate | News

Yesterday, Thursday’s debate was not without the US President Joe Biden And his competitor in the upcoming presidential elections Donald Trump From the reference to the Russian president Vladimir Putin Repeatedly, he was mentioned more than 12 times in an hour and a half, while they were competing to show who was tougher on foreign policy.

Trump said about Biden at the beginning of a series of arguments between the two candidates over the wars in Ukraine and Gaza, “If we had a real president… a president… whom Putin respects… he would never have invaded Ukraine.”

“Go on,” Biden said of Trump, “let Putin go in and take over Ukraine, then move on to Poland and other places. See what happens next. He has no idea what he’s talking about.”

Biden (right) and Trump competed during the debate to show who is more stringent in terms of foreign policy (Anatolia)

Ukraine and NATO

Discussions about the conflict in Ukraine have been dominated by how to end the war there, and the debate over US support for NATO.NATO) And whether European countries are contributing enough to support Ukraine in the war it is waging against Russia.

Putin had previously expressed his lack of interest in the outcome of the elections.

“Basically we don’t care,” Putin said earlier this month when asked by Reuters if he thought the outcome of the U.S. election would make a difference for Moscow.

“For us, we don’t think the final outcome matters much. We will work with whatever president the American people elect,” he added.

There are things that will be on the American voter’s mind when he casts his ballot on November 5, as he will have to balance foreign policy issues such as Ukraine and Israel on the one hand with concerns about domestic issues such as immigration, abortion and the economy.

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