How do you monitor your sugar the way Dalia Mostafa does?

She announced Artist Dalia Mostafa She revealed that she had diabetes, via a video clip on her Facebook page, and she was wearing a device to measure blood sugar without a prick. In this report, we learn more information about the device to measure blood sugar that she was wearing and how to monitor blood sugar levels through this device.

How do you monitor your sugar the way Dalia Mostafa does?

Actress Dalia Mostafa was wearing a simple device to measure blood sugar without a prick. The glucose meter consists of a remote reader and a waterproof sensor attached to the back of your arm, and provides real-time glucose readings every minute, 24 hours a day.

According to the website “Very well health“This device is one of the latest generation of continuous glucose monitoring devices that does not require a bulky device. Instead, a small, waterproof sensor is placed on the back of the arm using an application tool on the phone.”.

The glucometer tests the fluid in the space around the cells, and is as effective at monitoring glucose as blood from capillaries (small blood vessels, such as those in your fingertips).

After one hour of placing the sensor on your arm, the system is ready to go, the sensor taking a glucose reading every 60 seconds. A separate reader device remotely captures and records readings on demand. You can then view results individually or see how your glucose levels are trending over time.

This device is also linked to an alarm to let you know if your glucose levels are too high or too low.

Instructions for monitoring blood glucose levels with a non-stick glucometer

Continuous glucose monitors offer advantages over traditional finger-prick monitoring, including…:

-Easy to track blood sugar: Studies have shown that people with diabetes who test their blood frequently have stable glucose levels, also have a lower blood sugar level, which is a measure of long-term blood sugar control.

-Better at preventing hypoglycemia (low blood sugar): Continuous glucose monitors are better at preventing hypoglycemia, including hypoglycemia during the night.

Reducing finger pricks or not pricking them at all: With this device, you will not need multiple finger prick blood draws every day to ensure that the glucose level remains within the normal range..

Painless: In addition to being more convenient, the device being pain-free may motivate people to take their glucose readings more frequently..

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