“I am deprived of my children” Nadine Al Rassi saves a child from his mother’s abuse

Lebanese artist Nadine Al Rassi sparked controversy on social media during the past hours, after she published a video documenting her storming into one of her neighbors’ houses to save a child from his mother’s abuse.

Nadine appeared in the clip she shared on Instagram, listening to the harsh words the woman was saying to her son, as she was beating him. The actress intervened at the moment when the woman almost strangled her son.

The Lebanese actress rushed to storm the house to stop the mother from hitting her child, and shouted at her, saying: “How could you hit your son? I don’t care what he did! What would you do if someone took him from you? Do you know my story? I am deprived of my children? Why did you bring him? If you can’t raise him, put him in an institution or I will take him.”

She explained in her comment on the video that this child has been subjected to violence for more than two months in a mountainous area, calling on the authorities to intervene to save him, adding: “I bear full responsibility if I made a mistake… hoping that those concerned will take action!! This child has been subjected to violence for two months and the neighbors are witnesses and I happened to hear the sound tonight. It must be clarified.”

Social media users interacted with the video clip, as some praised Nadine’s courage and timely intervention, while others objected to her harsh behavior, and said that she could have guided the child’s mother and advised her in a calm manner without abusing her in front of her child.

It is noteworthy that Nadine did not meet her two sons, Marcel and Karl, for many years, due to disagreements with her ex-husband, actor Giscard Abi Nader.

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