“I got it online”.. Egypt’s new Minister of Education responds to accusations of “fake doctorates”

Egypt’s Minister of Education, Mohamed Abdel Latif, said that he obtained his controversial doctorate degree by studying at the university “online”, and that he registered to study online in order to deepen his understanding of distance education management.

Abdel Latif faces accusations of obtaining a “fake” doctorate from Cardiff City University online, which sparked a wave of controversy over his academic qualifications, according to Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper.

These accusations came against the backdrop of Abdel Latif’s appointment as Minister of Education in the new government formation, as fact-checking platforms, including “Don’t Believe It,” revealed that there is no official recognition of the Cardiff City University degree or its academic programs as an accredited academic degree.

📌 Cairo 24 website published, today, July 5, 2024, several documents of what it said were “documents authenticating the Minister of Education’s doctorate degree…

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Cassation lawyer Amr Abdel Salam also filed a report to the Public Prosecutor to investigate what is being circulated regarding Abdel Latif’s doctorate degree, according to local media.

In response, the minister told the local Extra News channel on Friday: “I registered to study at the online university and the goal was that I have a passion for learning about online education. I wanted to learn about online education to transfer that to the students and the schools I work in, and the goal was not just work.”

He added: “What will I do with an online university degree, for example? Is my goal to advance? Or is my goal to teach at a university? My goal with the degree is not to work, and I registered at the university to learn about online education.”

He continued: “For 25 years, I have spent nothing in my life but education. I go to work at 6 in the morning and return from work at 8 at night. I have nothing in my life but work and school. I hope that the past 25 years will be enough to build the experience that I am working on as a minister.”

According to the biography published by the newspaper,Pyramids“Semi-officially, Abdul Latif holds a PhD from Cardiff City University in the United States, and a Master’s degree in Educational Development from Lawrence University in the United States in 2012.

The new Egyptian government, headed by Mostafa Madbouly, took the constitutional oath before President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi on Wednesday. The new formation included the appointment of two deputy prime ministers and extensive changes in ministerial portfolios, including defense and foreign affairs.

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