“I was honored to work with you” .. Gharbia Governor leaves his office after 5 years

09:09 PM

Tuesday 02 July 2024

Western – Marwa Shaheen:

Dr. Tarek Rahmy, Governor of Gharbia, left his office on Tuesday evening after receiving a phone call from the Prime Minister thanking him for the period he spent working as Governor of Gharbia for 5 years.

Before the governor left his office, he sent a message via WhatsApp to the executive body of the governorate, thanking them for their efforts and work with him, saying, “I was honored to work with you and I wish you and the people of Gharbia good.”

His last tour inside the governorate was on Tuesday morning, to follow up on the ongoing paving and development work in the Qutur Center and City. The tour began with an inspection of the ongoing work on the National Bank Street, where a layer of 800 meters long and 16 meters wide is being spread and operated in preparation for the paving work.

The tour continued by following up on the paving works on Al-Madaris Street in Qutour, with a length of one kilometer and an average width of 12 meters, where the layer of sand is being spread and operated, in addition to moving the lighting poles in preparation for the paving works.

In the same context, the governor followed up on the continuation of work on the Shin Qutur Road, noting that the rehabilitation and paving of the road came in response to the demands of the people of Qutur Center after years of suffering due to the poor technical condition of the road.

The governor pointed out that the paving of the Shin Qatur road was done due to its poor condition and its extreme importance as a traffic axis linking the city of Qatur and its affiliated villages and farms, with a length of 8 km, and to prevent accidents on this road, in order to preserve lives and property.

The governor concluded the tour by inspecting the work on Al Markaz Street, where the old and worn-out asphalt layer is being removed and the street is being leveled in preparation for paving work, with a length of one kilometer and a width of 20 to 25 meters.

The governor directed to continue efforts to restore the civilized and aesthetic appearance of the city of Qutur, and to intensify work to complete paving and development projects as soon as possible.

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