“I wasn’t in his arms” .. Maysara reveals the backstage of her bold scene with Adel Emam

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Saturday, June 29, 2024

Books – Marwan Al-Tayeb:

The artist Maysara revealed the scenes of her bold scene with the leader Adel Imam from the movie “The Embassy in Architecture” for the first time, through her presence as a guest on the “Tea with Jasmine” program, presented by Yasmine Al-Khatib and shown on Al-Nahar channel.

Maysara talked about her famous scene with Adel Emam in the movie “The Embassy in the Building” in 2005, where she played the role of a night girl and caused a lot of controversy because of it.

When Yasmine Al-Khatib asked her: “How can you be embarrassed when you filmed the missile scene in the movie The Embassy in the Building in Adel Emam’s arms?”

Maysarah responded to her: “I was not in Adel Imam’s arms, and my reaction was filmed and I said ‘Rocket’ alone, and after that Adel Imam’s reaction was filmed alone and he said, ‘Don’t exaggerate so much.’”

During her talk, Maysara discussed her relationship with leader Adel Imam and his participation in a number of cinematic works, including “Bobos” and “The Embassy in Architecture,” her relationship with the stars and stars of the artistic community, and her artistic projects during the coming period, in addition to behind the scenes and secrets about her personal life that she revealed for the first time.

Regarding the suffering of the Palestinian people, she said: “The Palestinian man in general in all of the Gaza Strip and Palestine believes in his cause even if his children desire it. He believes in the cause even if his wife or daughter desires it, and they are a symbol of pride for all of us for their belief in their cause and their faith in our Lord. They bid farewell to themselves and their children, and there is nothing more precious.” From man except his son, and then we are all the same. The door to jihad will be opened for us and we will all go.”

It is worth mentioning that the artist Maysara is participating in the lead role in the movie “A Family in Some of Us” with Hesham Ismail, Marwa Abdel Moneim, Ibrahim Samir, Sara Darzawi, and Nada Bassiouni. The events revolve around a brother and his sister in a comedic framework, as the brother tries to get married in the family apartment due to the high cost of living and the high prices of real estate. Comedic situations begin between him, his sister, and her fiancé, and it is scheduled to be shown during the coming period.

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