I watched Gilad Shalmor’s article and realized what my problem is with the ultra-Orthodox

Let’s start with a confession: I started the current war with intense and burning hatred towards the entire ultra-orthodox sector. One must say, hatred bordering on anti-Semitism. The feeling that none of them wanted to get under the stretcher with us drove me crazy, and of course they didn’t try to pretend they cared. (Add to this the following story: Saturday at noon, war, one by one my brothers put on uniforms and travel south. We are in the street pouring separate water after them for peace, and then one of the neighbors, who “a young woman from Saniki who has never even thought about national service says humorously: “I Not a nurse, I arrange an exemption for my children.” She fell silent when she saw my mother, but the message definitely remained).

Despite the many acts of kindness of the ultra-orthodox sector, I wanted them to fill the Bokum

Slowly, over time, the beautiful faces of our ultra-Orthodox brothers were revealed, and once again we saw how much power there is in this sector, which upholds the love of Israel by changing a flat tire for a foreigner or preparing food for the soldiers. But my admiration for the acts of kindness of the ultra-Orthodox did not cloud my strong desire to see them in the BCC as soon as possible. I wanted everyone who agreed to listen that military service is the necessary natural continuation of Torah study, and does not constitute a contradiction.

The demonstration of the ultra-orthodox factions against their conscription

The demonstration of the ultra-orthodox factions against their conscription Photo: Chaim Goldberg, Flash90

I believe him that God is happy

I truly believed this last night as well, when I watched Gilad Shalmor’s article on News 12. “Heavenly Army”, that is the name of the series of articles documenting the intricacies of the most closed Yeshiva in Israel. Energetic young men sit and study Torah from morning till night. Their phone is closed in a drawer, they don’t read newspapers or even play music for fun so as not to distract from studying. Shalmor, who has disappeared from the screen since the outbreak of the war, managed with his gentleness to bring the true face of the yeshiva world, and there is a lot of tenderness and beauty as well as truth there. “G-d is happy now,” says the head of the Yeshiva to a reporter after his student answered all the questions correctly in a pin test. I believe him.

This is the real problem of the ultra-orthodox sector

But while watching those young people with a true love for the Torah given to them by their creator, I was able to articulate to myself what exactly bothers me there. This is not the recruitment. The conscription is only a symptom, a symptom of a much deeper and more rooted problem of the ultra-orthodox sector: the unwillingness to take part in building the world of God. Yes, this is what bothers me more than anything. They will not be doctors, lawyers, engineers or psychologists. They will not produce They will either iron their shirts or plant potatoes. They will pay other people to do it for them, because they are Torah students, and in the name of this unknown title they are not allowed to express an opinion or hear the news or, God forbid, play the guitar. Of course, studying Torah sustains the world. I also believe in this, but it is not given only to individuals, the study belongs to everyone, and for this to happen, everyone has to bear the burden.

How much we would have earned if the ultra-Orthodox scholars had chosen to share their lives with us

“When you look at this book, what do you feel?”, Shalmore asked one of the students. “This is my life, for this I was created, for this I came into the world. I earn at the maximum level, I learned a line, I saved a soldier, another line I killed a terrorist, another line I freed a hostage. The world around me and the whole world is affected by what I do.” Nice answer, I like it. But I also think of my little brother, the tzaddik, who would now be happy to sit down and be a sheep, but he spends humid nights in a remote outpost on the northern border. Holding a weapon, fantasizing about a Gemara page.

It was beautiful to see the enthusiasm in the eyes of the young men, when Shalmore asked which unit they would go to if they were drafted, and everyone knew how to pull out the names of elite combat units, “because if you do something you have to do it at the top”. Ahh, look at the devotion, the courage, the dedication. How much we would gain if we were allowed to receive all these great qualities here, in the general world. How much we would have donated to him if those fine and ascetic young men had chosen to share their Torah with us, and turn it into a prosperous, wholesome and comforting Torah of life. How painful it is when they choose to cut themselves off from us. It hurts too much.

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