“I would love to return to Barcelona, ​​I want to be a coach”

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Andres Iniesta (Reuters)
Andres Iniesta (Reuters)

One of the most respected and great midfielders in the history of football is certainly Andres Iniesta. The Spaniard, who is responsible for the golden age of his national team as well as for Barcelona’s rise to greatness, is currently playing for the Emirates in the United Arab Emirates and today (Friday) he gave an interesting interview to ‘Mundo Deportivo’.

“Something unnatural, but there are some who are exceptional,” he said Iniesta who was asked about Lamin Yamal and continued: “He is one of those players with talent above the norm. What is needed is that he continues to learn and improve and then he will have continuity, he is 16, not 23. Nico Williams? He’s young, but his performances make some of the big clubs interested in him.”

The former midfielder of the Spanish national team was asked about Barcelona and his midfielder Xavi, who, as I remember, left the club: “From the outside and without wanting to express an opinion, when things don’t go well you suffer, I hope that Barça will have continuity and the strength to compete for everything, it’s difficult to talk more than that because I don’t Name”.

Xavi, farewell to the Blaugrana (Reuters)Xavi, farewell to the Blaugrana (Reuters)

Barcelona’s biggest rival, Real Madrid, signed Kylian Mbappe and about this Iniesta said: “The team Real has and what it has done gives it confidence, but opening an eye to Real doesn’t help. Whoever is at Barca will try to bring in the best players in order to grow.”

Finally, Iniesta said: “I would love to return to Barcelona, ​​but I don’t know when that will be. My next step after football is to become a coach and we’ll see if it works out. I don’t know what will happen right now, in two years I might update, but now I don’t know. Next generation in my family? My son, Paulo, 9 years old, is obsessed with soccer and has the makings of a soccer player.”

Xavi Alonso on his son’s bench

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