If there are no surprises: Germany against Spain in the quarter

If there are no surprises: Germany vs. Spain in the quarterfinals – The Sport Channel<br />

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The Manchaeft is not an easy intersection at all. And also: the possibility of a huge game in the round of 16

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The last week in the group stage opens, group 1 closes and it’s time to look at the intersections that have been developing for us so far. Germany secured their home lead with the dramatic 1:1 against Switzerland and this fact is likely to create huge encounters at a very early stage.

Germany awaits in the round of 16 the runner-up of Group 3, which includes England, Denmark, Slovenia and Serbia. This means that if somehow the Three Lions team does not finish in first place at home, then the two will meet head to head, again in the Round of 16, for the second time in a row.

Now let’s take the logical scenario, where England finish first at home. In such a situation, Germany will have a more favorable opponent, probably Denmark, which it is expected to pass, certainly when it hosts the tournament, in a match that will be played in Dortmund on June 29 at 10:00 p.m.

Assuming that Germany will indeed make it to the round of 16, their possible opponent in the quarters will be none other than Spain. The meeting between the two teams in the best form of the tournament so far, if and when, will be held on July 5 in Stuttgart at 19:00. going to be boiling.

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