Ilanit Levy celebrates: “It’s fun that we’ve been together for 20 years”

Ilanit Levy in the campaign for Golberry (photo by Shay Yehezkel)

A particularly large and magnificent party for the 40th birthday of the agent and media woman Hadas Mozes Lichtenstein was held last night (Saturday) when a series of stars came to honor her on the happy day. One of them is Keshet 12 presenter Ilanit Levy.

Levy wrote in a story she uploaded with a video of Mozes Lichtenstein dancing: “Congratulations Haim, the fact that you are the most amazing agent in the world is a bonus. You are the best friend and the best person there is. How fun that we have been together for 20 years.”

Those who were also there were her friends Ofira Assig, Leah Schnirer, Paula Belik, Doctor Ronit Almog and also the singer Harel Sekat who came on stage to sing in honor of Mozes Lichtenstein who did not stop taking pictures with her good friends.

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Essig wrote on Friday to her agent: “My beauty, my sister, my lover, my friend, my agent, the happiest 40th birthday in the world.” She also added and congratulated Mozes Lichtenstein: “Only I know how sensitive and kind-hearted you are. An exemplary mother and a friend of a lifetime. I wish you everything because you deserve it so much. I’m coming to dance with you, get ready.”

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