Important warning: Meteorology warns of rain for the next 72 hours in various regions of Saudi Arabia

We find that the Saudi National Center of Meteorology issued an urgent warning to citizens in various regions around the Kingdom, and there are almost certain expectations that the country will witness a wave of heavy thunderstorms in the coming days. This is what prompted the Civil Defense to issue its warnings to all citizens of the need to be careful of the rain and what may result. We will explain in detail the areas affected by the thunderstorms expected in Saudi Arabia within days.

Thunderstorms in Riyadh and a number of regions

Thunderstorms in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi National Center of Meteorology announced on its official account on the X platform that the rainy condition will continue until next Tuesday, and the rain will include various areas in the country as follows:

  • Medina: Al-Ahed and Wadi Branch.
  • Mecca: Taif, Al-Ardiyat, Maysan, Adham, Al-Kamil.
  • Al-Bahah region: Baljurashi, Al-Mandaq, Qalwah, Al-Makhwah, Al-Hujra, Bani Hassan, Al-Qura, Al-Aqiq, Ghamid Al-Zanad.
  • Asir region: Al-Majaridah, Bariq, Rijal Almaa, Al-Areen, Khamis Mushayt, Mahayil, Abha, Ahad Rafidah, Tarib, and Tathleeth.
  • Jazan region: Al-Harth, Al-Daer, Al-Raith, Al-Ardha, Fifa, Al-Eidabi, Harub, Abu Arish, Ahad Al-Masarha, Al-Twal, Samtah, Al-Fatihah, Harub, Baysh, and Sabya.
  • Riyadh Region: The Capital, Diriyah, Al-Hareeq, Hotat Bani Tamim, Al-Salail, Wadi Al-Dawasir, Al-Dawadmi, Al-Rain, Al-Quwayiyah, Afif, Shaqra, Al-Muzahmiya, Rumah, Al-Majma’ah, Thadig, Al-Ghat, Al-Zulfi, Marrat, and Huraymila.

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Civil Defense calls for caution

Thunderstorms in Saudi Arabia

  • We find that the Directorate of Civil Defense in Saudi Arabia called on all citizens in the aforementioned areas to exercise caution and caution against being in dangerous places where floods accumulate, and to commit to staying in safe places and staying away from water swamps and water valleys.
  • This is in addition to the necessity of not swimming in those areas because they are not suitable for this matter and pose a danger to citizens.
  • Complete compliance with all instructions announced on the media and official social networking sites.

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Rain and hail fall in the country

  • In continuation of what the Saudi Meteorological Authority explained, it is expected that moderate rain will fall on Mecca, resulting in torrential rains and hailstones falling, along with high-speed winds accompanied by dust and wind, affecting: Taif, Al-Ardiyat, Maysan, Adham, Al-Kamel, and several areas of Jazan, Asir, and Al-Baha.
  • As for the Riyadh region, it is expected to be affected by light rains with active downward winds that raise dust and dust and will be affected by them: Riyadh, the capital, Diriyah, Dawadmi, Afif, Al-Quwayiyah, Al-Aflaj, Hotat Bani Tamim, Al-Hareeq, Shaqra, Al-Muzahmiyah, Rumah, Al-Majma’ah, Thadig, Al-Ghat, Al-Zulfi, Marat, and Huraymila.

The volatile weather condition also affects Mecca to include: Turabah, Raniyah, Al-Muwayh, Al-Khurma, and the Medina region.

Is it raining in Mecca now?

It is worth noting that the weather in Mecca is mostly clear now, with the minimum temperature reaching only 22 degrees Celsius.

When is the rainy season in Mecca?

Rainfall usually falls in small amounts between the months of November and January, and despite the infrequent occurrence of rain, a torrent may occur, posing a danger to citizens, as happened in early times.

How often does it rain in Jeddah?

We find that the average rainfall today in Jeddah is only about 50%.

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