Did they really get married and hold their wedding ceremony last Monday? Did the family of Daniella Rahma, who arrived on Sunday, leave today, Wednesday, after attending the wedding ceremony? Will the bride Daniella Rahma and the Syrian artist Nassif Zeytoun remain hidden from sight until they appear on the date that was said to be the seventh of July? The aforementioned questions were strongly raised during the past few days, especially after many rumors spread that the relationship between the Syrian artist Nassif Zeytoun and the Lebanese actress Daniella Rahma will finally be crowned with marriage, but the surprise that they agreed upon was that their marriage will be held in complete secrecy and with the attendance of only a few invitees from those who were invited, the family and close friends only, so that the number of invitees does not exceed 50 people. If the marriage actually takes place, they will have put an end to the speculations, rumors, and “talk cartridges” and the rumors, questions, and everything that was published and raised about their relationship and its fate will stop. Here they are, after the private love story that the couple lived away from the media, they will exchange wedding rings and enter the golden cage quietly and openly. Their situation says: “Keep an eye on your candle, it will be tied.” According to “FilFan”, Nassif and Daniela were keen to avoid the presence of the media in general, and to prevent photography with mobile phones, as they were taken away before entering the hall of the party, and whoever was allowed to bring his mobile phone in would not be able to use the camera. The “newlyweds” will be responsible for providing the media with selected and specific photos.