In pictures: The Voice Kids girl sings “Al-Layl W” with Kazem El Saher

10:16 PM

Friday, June 28, 2024

Written by Mona Al-Moji:

The great star Kazem El Saher welcomed the attendance of his concert, which began a short while ago in New Cairo, and witnessed the presence of a large number of his fans and fans.

“The Tsar” said in his speech, “Good evening, evening of love, my loved ones, my family, and my friends. I am happy to be with you… and we will sing from the new album the song “The Night and the Window.”

Kazem called the young singer Suhaila, who had participated in the singing talent discovery program The Voice Kids years ago, saying, “I participated in The Voice Kids, and today I have become a beautiful young woman, and you will see her with me… By the way, we will present the song without rehearsal.”

After the song ended, Kazem praised Suhaila’s performance, saying, “May God bless you,” and she said, “I forgive you, my love,” commenting on the lyrics of the song.

Kazem El Saher sang a variety of his most famous songs, and ignited the enthusiasm of his audience with the songs “Zidini Eshqan” and “Ha Habeebi”, amidst the audience’s applause and chanting “Benhebak”. He also opened the concert at 9:30 pm with the song “Eid El Ashek”.

The concert came after a two-year absence from his fans in Egypt, as part of the Caesar’s world tour to announce his new album “With Love”, which was released last February in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

The concert comes two years after Kazem El Saher’s last concert in Egypt, which was held at the Egyptian Opera House after an absence from Egypt that lasted 14 years. The artist shared with his fans and followers through his official account on the social networking site “Instagram,” and commented, “We will meet soon in Egypt, the mother of the world.” At the new concert location, you can’t imagine my happiness to meet you there.”

Kazem El Saher’s new album is called “With Love” and includes 13 romantic songs, all composed and sung by Kazem El Saher. The songs are: “Ya Wafia, Ya Qalb, Piano, Ma’ak, Tarikh Miladi, Raqsat Omar, La Tazlamuh, Tarani Ahebek, A’oud, Al Layl, Marart Bi Sadri, La Tas’alli, La Tarhalo”, marking El Saher’s return to releasing a new album after 8 years since releasing his last album “Kitab Al Hob” in 2016.

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