Inquiry about the developed social security, the implementation and the date of the July 2024 payment

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development announced the results of the eligibility for the developed social security inquiry via Nafath Al Watany. The Ministry also revealed the date of the disbursement of support for the 31st batch of July 2024. It is worth noting that the Ministry of Human Resources announces on the twenty-seventh of the Gregorian month the results of the eligibility for the expected batch, so all those registered in the program can check the eligibility result by accessing the social support and protection platform.

Developed social security is effective

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development explained the possibility of inquiring about the developed social security eligibility results for the expected batch 31 for the month of July 2024 through some simple electronic steps, which are as follows:

  • Go directly to Social Support and Protection Platform.
  • Log in by entering the required data.
  • Then click on Unified Access.
  • Then click on the Social Security Program icon.
  • Then go to eligibility eligibility.
  • And then the eligibility study list.
  • Enter the required data.
  • Then click on Inquiry.
  • Thus, the result of eligibility for Batch 31 will appear before the beneficiary.
  • Can be submitted Objection when appearing unqualified Via the electronic guarantee portal, attaching supporting documents.

Reasons for Social Security ineligibility

Human Resources warned of some reasons why… Beneficiary Eligibility for the Guarantee Program Social, and stressed the need to be accurate when registering any data on the support and protection platform. The reasons that lead to the appearance of ineligible in the developed social security are as follows:

  • Repeated registration of a residential unit by the beneficiary with more than one rental contract.
  • Add new dependents who are not at home.
  • Providing false data.
  • The data in the field visit differs from the data recorded by the beneficiary when submitting the application.

Batch 31 is due for July 2024

The Ministry of Human Resources revealed that Social Security Pension The developer of the expected payment due for the month of July 2024 will be disbursed to all eligible beneficiaries on the specified date without delay or delay, on Monday 7/1/2024, and this date coincides with 12/25/1445 AH. It is worth noting that the deposit of financial amounts in the bank accounts of all Eligible starting at 12am on the day of disbursement.

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