Is DNA testing being done? Neymar’s girlfriend gives birth to his third child in his absence

The mother and sister of the Brazilian star are present to receive “Helena”

Brazilian star Neymar da Silva, player of Al Hilal Saudi Club, received happy news in the past few hours, after his girlfriend, model Amanda Kimberly, gave birth to his third child, Helena.

The network reported:UOLAccording to journalist Leo Diaz, Kim gave birth to her daughter, Helena, last Wednesday in a hospital in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, and received a visit from her daughter’s father’s family.

Diaz pointed out that Neymar was unable to attend the hospital, while his sister Rafaela Santos, his mother Nadine and his eldest son Davy were present to welcome the new member of the family.

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At the beginning of the year, when the pregnancy was discovered, Leo Diaz also said that Neymar’s father said that he would do a DNA test once the little girl was born, especially since she was the result of a casual relationship, but no new details were revealed in this regard.

The network explained that Amanda was cautious about her relationships and personal life, but before her short relationship with Neymar, she was in a relationship with guitarist Kopa, one of the singers of the band “Restart”.

Neymar is taking advantage of his presence with his country’s national team in the United States participating in the Copa America, and is continuing his rehabilitation program, in preparation for returning to the stadiums after the injury he suffered, a cruciate ligament and cartilage tear in the knee.

Neymar suffered a knee injury last October, while participating with the Brazilian national team against Uruguay, in the qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup, after playing only 5 matches with Al Hilal.

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